14. 11. 2018

Pokoje 2018

Our atelier instalation

foto by Kateřina Bušová


7. 9. 2018

Light festival SVĚTLO VALMEZ 2018

Light installation

I participated in the light festival in Valašské Meziříčí. I created a site-specific installation on the bridge.


25. 5. 2018

Art symposium "Nábřeží umělců 2018" in Hradec Králové

Architecture of Hradec Králové

Together with my classmate Martin Jašontek we worked on a symposium in Hradec Králové. The architecture of this city is significant. Cubist architecture is abundantly represented. So we chose a place where we could see the blending of architectural styles. We drew various views and elements from the architecture on float glass using a grinding technique. From these float glass drawings we created a site-specific spatial object.


26. 3. 2018

Foto from exhibition whit Junior Glass Ways competition in Sázava /Czech Republic/

Light The Peak at exhibition