14. 1. 2018

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Příspěvek sdílený Mikulas Stary (@mikulas.stary),


25. 5. 2017

Tomas Bata University in Zlin

Bachelor thesis

Student's exhibition of final works. The exhibition took place in the area of industrial space Svit Zlin. All artworks are site-specific. Mikuláš Starý exhibits the Transformaction object, which you can see here.


18. 3. 2015

Exhibition of students from Tomas Bata University in Zlin

Another view

Exhibition whit this name was held in Sýpka Gallery in Valašské Meziříčí /CZE/. Exhibition was held by 11th February to 22th March, 2015. At the exhibition was exhibited works of students glass design from TBU. Exhibits was exhibited in three floors of old building Sýpka Gallery. At the opening day 11th February there were about two hundred visitors. On the first floor the visitors could admire gleaming reflections of lighting installations by Zdenka Fusková and Michaela Hercíková. On the second floor were presented works representing diverse ideas of students. Rather than works classified into style of product design predominated works that fit into conceptual style of art. In attic on the third floor were installed kinetic objects. Wing of an aircraft in motion by Stanislava Procházková. And Mikuláš Starý there presented kinetic object "High voltage" with lasers shrouded in mist. The atmosphere there was really good. On the second floor played three musicians therefore I think that about fun was well cared. The curator of this exhibition was Lešek Vojáček and introductory remarks uttered Martin Fišer.